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2ic Cloud Saves Precious Time For UK Giant, Culina Logistics
Friday, 20 April 2012

As the leading provider of high quality logistics services in the UK with over 50,000 CHEP, LPR and IPP Logipal pallet transactions to reconcile every month, Culina Logistics is committed to optimising new technology to improve business performance and ultimately reduce costs.

Hearing about 2ic Cloud as a new way to operate 2ic Pallets, Culina Logistics undertook a comprehensive trial to determine the cost benefits of making the switch from hosting 2ic Pallets on their own server.

As part of the trial, Culina Logistics tested the speed of 2ic Cloud; meticulously recording the length of time for identical processes in 2ic Pallets on the cloud and on their own server, and running a detailed comparison report at the conclusion of the trial.

The results were astounding, with a reduction of 57% in the overall time taken to complete various processes. One Culina Logistics employee reported a reduction in man-hours from 2.5 days down to 1 day to complete an invoice reconciliation.  With such clear, positive results, Culina Logistics decided to switch all sites to 2ic Cloud.

‘2ic Pallets had provided us with substantial time and cost savings over the years and these savings have now been amplified further with the move to 2ic Cloud,’ says Debbie Jay, POD & Pallet Manager.

The transition from the self-hosted version of 2ic Pallets to the new 2ic Cloud version was seamless. The total system downtime to complete the rollover of all sites was less than 20 minutes, ensuring a minimal disruption to operations at Culina Logistics.

Culina Logistics continues to maximise the benefits from 2ic Cloud, and are using the reduction in costs and increases in productivity and efficiency to solidify their market leading position.

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“May I please add that not many people these days go above and beyond to help out a customer the way you do at 2ic. It was clearly not your problem which you could have handballed back to the other party, but you fixed it anyway. And in the shortest time, something that would have taken much longer had I had to do it the other way. 2ic is a great company with great customer service.”
Ms Margaret Dragic, National Pallet Controller, Rand Transport. Customer since 2005.

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