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2ic Pallets is the leading independent pallet tracking and pallet reconciliation software in the world.

2ic Pallets focuses on saving Pallet Controllers time managing pallets and reducing the risks of losing them. Beginnning in 2002 the system has been continuously refined and updated with suggestions from Pallet Controllers to provide the most comprehensive and user friendly system available.

2ic Software has distributors in Australia, the United Kingdom (UK), Canada and the United States (USA) supporting customers in Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Canada, Indonesia, Thailand and the US.

With hundreds of sites operating, you can be sure 2ic Software can provide the expertise and support  you require. Current 2ic Pallets users include Toll, Woolworths/Safeway, Linfox, DHL-Exel, Star Track Express, Coca Cola, TNT, Unilever, Swire, Unisource, IGA Metcash, Amcor and Cadbury.

2ic Pallets in Action Minimize

Electronic data exchange – 2ic Pallets means you can send electronic transfer files rather than traditional paper dockets. This minimises errors and, most importantly, ensures movements are processed quickly. 

Selective data exchange – When initiating electronic data transfer you can select the pallet movement information that you wish to send eg only send movements off your account.

Electronically import data – 2ic Pallets can automatically import transaction files from your pallet suppliers and regularly specified intervals facilitating constant reconciliation.

Reconciliations – 2ic Pallets can reconcile your pallet supplier invoices either manually or electronically which means that Pallet Coordinators will no longer be faced with the laborious task of checking dockets off against invoices.

Docket Printing – 2ic Pallets will print dockets for all pallet movements thus avoiding the double handling and errors inherent in the use of the hand written alternative.

Comparison of running balances – 2ic Pallets tracks two running pallet balances comparing your physical on hand totals with the balances maintained by your pallet supplier. That is, it compares what you actually have with what you are paying for.

Multiple pallet suppliers – 2ic Pallets will manage pallets from multiple suppliers (Chep, Loscam, CPC, LPR).

Cost Data – 2ic Pallets can provide you with valuable cost information such as the cost of delayed transfers and the average cost per pallet.

Outstanding Pallet Monitoring – For trading partners, with whom you exchange pallets, 2ic Pallets can automatically alert you when any such organization exceeds a pre-set limit of outstanding pallets.

Delayed transfer – 2ic Pallets facilitates the implementation of delayed transfer policies based on trading partner profiles.

Reporting – 2ic Pallets delivers extensive reporting capabilities for both operational and managerial review.

Online help – 2ic Pallets has a comprehensive online help facility that helps staff training and operation.

Networking – 2ic Pallets enables multiple users to access the system simultaneously.

Interfacing – 2ic Pallets comprehensive interfacing capabilities ensure the system can be readily linked to other operational and accounting IT applications.

What do the pallet companies think of us?

2ic Software has good working relationships with the pallet companies and we make every effort to maintain these relationships. There is no "us against them" attitude from either side.

Our focus is making the task of managing pallets more efficient for pallet users and reducing their risk of losing pallets. Both of these things make pallet users worry less about pallets, and this benefits their pallet supplier because happy customers are less inclined to switch.

Pallet users with their accounts under control are also much less demanding on the pallet company for support.

Like any service business, no pallet company tries to make using their services more difficult for their customers. Good pallet control software contributes to making it easy.

2ic Pallets has export and import formats built in for electronic data interchange (EDI) with the following pallet companies:

IPP Logipal
CHEP Pallecon Solutions






Key Features Minimize
  • Recording/Generating all equipment movements in the one system.
  • Customisable importing of pallet movement records from your warehouse or transport management software.
  • Printing of dockets (also called 'bills of lading' or 'pallet notes') in multiple formats.
  • Automated email notifications to trading partners.
  • Data exporting to major pallet companies.
  • Importing electronic invoices from major pallet companies for automatic reconciliation.
  • Working with exceptions only for efficient completion of the reconciliation.
  • Recording of stocktakes (pallet counts).
  • Reconciliation reports comparing physical stock to invoice balances.
  • Cost comparison reports for different locations/sites, including splitting invoices to allocate to locations.
  • Management of unprocessed transfers not appearing on invoices.
  • Efficient handling of rejection and correction notifications with emails to pallet companies.
  • Automated 'request copy' emails to trading partners to get missing dockets.
  • Balance tracking for exchange (IOU) customers.
  • Exporting to and importing from exchange customers to reconcile balances (automated for CPC reconciling in Canada).
  • Optional redeeming of exchanges for precise control.
  • Con note tracing to match pickup movements 'on' with delivery movements 'off' for transport companies.
  • Master-slave functionality to consolidate data from disconnected sites.
  • Printing of partially complete 'docket books' for trucks or loading docks.
  • Two-dimensional barcodes on dockets so movements from others using 2ic Pallets can be instantly scanned instead of keyed.
  • Comprehensive account profiles to set up trading rules and more for your trading partners.
  • Built in translation table - trading partners identified with both 'codes' (to match your WMS) and 'account numbers' to communicate to pallet companies.
  • Ability to record multiple names (aliases) for the same trading partner. Multiple codes also.
  • Ability to merge duplicated trading partners to maintain a clean and accurate list.
  • Optional checks and warnings to minimise keying errors.
  • User logins and multiple access/security levels.
  • Automatically generated 'sessions' to streamline filing paper dockets.
  • Extensive management and cost reporting.
  • Freedom to copy any data to Excel for generating custom reports.
  • Highly customisable forms to align the system with your operation.
  • Highly visible data that allows searching and filtering on any field.
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