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2ic Pallets - Supported Formats


2ic Pallets imports electronic invoice files that automatically match and reconcile keyed in movements. Contact the pallet company to arrange receiving these files for your account, or contact us for assistance. Other file formats can be imported by setting up a 'custom' template in 2ic, or email us and request the format be added to the recognised formats in 2ic Pallets.

If available from the pallet company, files can be imported between invoices to compare your data with theirs and fix problems before they appear on the invoice. For example, a simple list of movements may be downloaded from the pallet company website and imported into 2ic Pallets.

Files may also be exchanged with trading partners to reconcile your data with theirs. These are typically used with 'exchange' trading partners, and most notably for reconciling CPC movements as the CPC system is 100% exchanges.

Recognised import file formats include:

  • CHEP 'Global Transaction Listing' (GTL) – 30+ countries including UK, Ireland, Canada and USA
  • CHEPMate STAR invoice & extract – Australia & Asia
  • CHEP 'PIN22' invoice – New Zealand
  • Loscam HMS 'mark-off' file – Australia & Asia
  • Loscam Online downloads – Australia & Asia
  • CHEP Pallecon Solutions invoice– Australia
  • Canadian Pallet Council (CPC) files from other 2ic users – Canada


Electronic data interchange (EDI) with the pallet companies is provided via 'exporting'. Selected movement records are exported to the pallet company or other trading partner from 2ic Pallets in their supported formats. Exported files are either emailed or sent to an FTP folder for uploading by the pallet company. Exports to other trading partners, notably for CPC pallet movements, can be generated and emailed in bulk.

Supported export file formats include:

  • CHEP export – 'CHEP Global Format' (CGF) for 30+ countries including UK, Ireland, Canada and USA, and region-specific formats for Australia, New Zealand & Asia
  • Loscam export – Australia & Asia
  • IPP Logipal export – UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Benelux, Germany and Eastern Europe
  • LPR export – France, Spain, Portugal, Benelux, Germany, UK and Ireland
  • CHEP Pallecon Solutions export – Australia
  • CPC export – Canada (text file for importing plus a formatted file for viewing)


When setting up a new 2ic Pallets data file, trading partners and unprocessed transfers can be imported from other pallet control systems and/or files received or downloaded from the pallet company. Custom import templates can also be set up to load any list of trading partners and/or movements from a text file. Note that data in spreadsheets can first be saved to a text file and then imported.

Initial data can be imported from:

  • CHEP Portfolio+Plus – 44 countries
  • CHEPMate STAR – Australia & Asia
  • CHEP BlueTrack – UK & Ireland
  • CHEP Wineta – New Zealand
  • Loscam HMS – Australia & Asia
  • Loscam Online – Australia & Asia
  • Excel
  • Warehouse management systems
  • Transport management systems
“A principal concern was that any pallet software needed to fully and seamlessly interface to our warehouse management system. (2ic), it was quickly determined, could readily interface to the WMS, was deployable across multiple sites, PCs and users and required no changes to the company’s current corporate IT systems.”
Mr Paul Fleiszig, Operations & Marketing Director, Oxford Cold Storage. Customer since 2004.
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