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Introduction to 2ic Pallets  
 Watch video, 4 min 05 sec
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2ic Pallets - Videos

Detailed videos cover the general operation of 2ic Pallets and explore several specialised features.

Videos can be watched online in your browser or download a video file to view it offline.

Part 1: Equipment & Trading Partners  
 Watch video, 3 min 06 sec
 Download video, 2.8 MB
Part 2: Movements & Exporting  
 Watch video, 5 min 45 sec
 Download video, 5.0 MB
Part 3: Importing & Reconciling  
 Watch video, 13 min 17 sec
 Download video, 9.2 MB
Part 4: Stocktakes & Reporting  
 Watch video, 6 min 34 sec
 Download video, 5.2 MB
“May I please add that not many people these days go above and beyond to help out a customer the way you do at 2ic. It was clearly not your problem which you could have handballed back to the other party, but you fixed it anyway. And in the shortest time, something that would have taken much longer had I had to do it the other way. 2ic is a great company with great customer service.”
Ms Margaret Dragic, National Pallet Controller, Rand Transport. Customer since 2005.
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